Quitting wartide


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    Hi Thorarius

    Gold chests guarantee to receive a hero (up to Legendary 3-star). You may have same heroes from the gold chests then they have transferred into astral relics. Legendary heroes are the most limited and valuable resource in the game, and everybody are playing fairly. We have multiple ways that allow players to summon legendary heroes, such as legendary relics and even hero in Map Treasures, legendary relics that drop from campaigns/quests and selling in several kinds of shops etc., which all take lots of time and patience to acquire and accumulate. We also have the promotion events that we hold from time to time which provide a chance to get the legendary hero. If you do want to speed up the process, gold keys are the shortcut to take, and speaking of it, we actually offer a lot of free keys and players could capture it from multiple loot source if they play actively. Another shortcut is the promotion events that we hold from time to time. So please stay tuned and thanks for your patience!


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