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    The power formula is not the end all be all.  As in, just because the power rating is high doesn't mean it is actually more powerful.  

    The rating system is heavily weighted towards those stats that tend to make that hero scale.  So you will typically get more power rating from adding physical ability and life steal for akanth than you would for adding a similar amount of physical or magical defense.  

    34k vs 43k is a pretty large disparity though and is all about the runes.  It's not just about getting lvl 13 runes... it's the minor stats on the runes that make or break a rune.  If you can get near max value on 1-2 minor stats on a rune and do that multiple times on the hero then of course your rating is going to be a lot higher.  


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    Focus on rune class A give ur hero good state

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    Thanks a lot for your answer!
    What is class A rune? Three white dots runes?

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    Are you already in a clan? If so easiest way is to inspect runes of ur clanmates with power higher to see how it works. Otherwise feel free to join blueprint and you can inspect our runes. We have multiple 40k+ heroes. We arent the best clan, but its cosy.

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    I'm in Heroes right now.

    I can see my clanmates heroes but I cannot see the power values of their runes. So I just guess what runes are really good.

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