Losing essence to attack



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    Seriously, how does this work? Further attacks since this I've lost 1200, 500, 1300, 10k, 1000 (roughly). What determines how much you lose in an attack?

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    "Unsecured Essence" indicates how much essence can be plundered by others. Collecting essence from fortress will minimize the the value by storing essence produced to your citadel.

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    Unfortunately, noone is safe in Siege.  No matter how strong you are... someone will plunder your essence if you store it up.  I use pretty much everything I get for minor items like food, gold, mana.  The few times I buy runes there... which is super rare... I have to use gems to buy essence.  

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    I would say fortunately noone is safe in siege. And the essence is basically as good as gems so its really tense gameplay! And you gotta learn and invent all kinds of fun tricks on defence.

    Watching replays of failed sieges is a beautiful thing. But ofc it hurts when you loose a sizable chunk... that's what makes it fun.

    tip for future: the best thing you can buy with essence is food.

    I have to say this post did make me laugh. "omg people just came along and stole the essence I stole from other people! This isn't fair"

    you spent 100 food going from 20 to 48k. with 18k you can get 230 food from the siege shop. that's 130 free food. In this game?

    I remember when i first got siege I obviously sieged someone straightb away and was horrified to think I really has destroyed their tower and they'd have to spend to build a new one.


    the only thing that's broken imo is that this game seems more interested in having us farm ourselves to death than enjoy sieging and arena.

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    I have thought some more and .. yes I agree completely. the food cost is stupid.

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