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    As shown in the picture, you can choose your aligned hero, if your foe has a casual deployment. This Atalanta is doomed in 10 seconds for sure. There are lots of adjustment you can do to make it. I will leave you to have the fun.


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    Many heroes has deploy benefits, as shown in the white arrow. For example, in the above picture, my Rexenor is supporting Nestor with life steal, and my Atalanta is giving a huge magic defense boost. Make good use of these advantages, they make a difference of win or lose.


    If your melee heroes not facing a foe, he will attack the next available foe with flanking, if the foe is fighting with others. This is very useful, since you get double the damage while flanking a standing foe. You get triple damage if the foe is moving, very quickly you can destroy him.

    Next is the most advanced tactics in this game, ambush. You really need some experience in battle to understand it.

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    This is the thing I was talking about most experienced player uses, but leave it unmentioned.
    When you have a ranged hero or a

    melee hero blocked by his own teammate or tower, so that he
    cannot find a foe. Under this circumstance, they will CHANGE LANE, which will make a wired
    situational flank that you may not expect. Not only flanking, this also can help to focus on a well-
    protected top/bottom line. By ambushing properly, you can have three heroes attacking the
    same line.
    Ambushing is a good way to counter arrangement mentioned in 2. Because when you try to
    reach the back, you will notice that it is a trap, many artillery is ready to shoot at you. Now I will
    leave you guys to discover the beauty of the rest of ambushing. But I want to point out that you
    can also take advantage of ambushing strategy even by the most experienced player, because
    he cannot see to changes, you can.
    For example in this picture, I managed to leave Nestor no targets, he is ambushed behind the
    tower, until I finished one of his hero and lose the battle formation, did Nestro find his foe, and
    finally come out from ambushing. But it is too late to turn the tide.
    OK here is all you need to know about battle. Master them you master the game. Your pvp rank
    will increase significantly, since using arrangement and ambushing well, I beat people almost
    double my power.
    However, even if you can’t you can still enjoy the game. Because pvp is just a small piece of this
    game, the rewards you get will be of little use quite soon. The real deal is the SIEGE, which let
    you farm legendary hero stones. However, due to beta players who have 20+ awakened heroes, any strategy is useless, in front of absolute power. Just enjoy what you have for now. Thank you all for reading this long post. Have a nice day.

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    I fail to do this’s on computer so the paragraph is wired. Could the admin edit for me?


    Here is an interesting test: where will Nestor go and who will he fight?

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    Nice good ^___^ hope you be one of the best player in the game.

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    Thank you legendm I guess I might quit soon, if there is no Change to the game. Getting sick fighting people two or even three times more power than me

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    Fiesty Leprechau

    To answer your question
    Jacosta will be targeted by tower ariad nestor and rexenor
    Nestor will be targeted by seiwan
    Tetheros will be targeted by akanth

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    With the time u will be very strong and if you active like that join my alliance to be stronger I will accept u for legend alliance

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    Good post. I feel your pain on competing with players with 6 month advantage. But as legend said joining an alliance like ours will help you progress faster.

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    Great post KillingMachine!

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    We all been through that. This is why we are more eager to play to beat the tops. Time and patience are needed to this game. And there are so many ways to flank a very good defense. Great post indeed!

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    Are any of the top alliances recruiting? I’m lvl 41 been playing for 5 or so days but slowly grinding to get my player lvl up and acquire more relics to get the rest of the farmable hero’s maxed out. The alliance I’m in is good but no veteran beta players to use hero’s to finish the campaigns or get tips from.

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    THank you for the gem!


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    After reading the post and having an epiphany about the mechanics,I had another epiphany that I'm in your clan XD. good job there mate..


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    This post is the reason why you should never use flaking heroes on defense (unless they are giving you some critical buff). Basically your flanker runs around like an idiot for 10 seconds contributing nothing, while your other 4 heroes are getting beat up. Most of the time by the time your flanker finds a target he's completely exposed and dies like the fool that he is.

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