Still remains as best strategy



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    Your feel this way because you're seeing it from a biased perspective.

    First of all, most top players in Forlegend alliance are still using Phaidon and they're staying on top. You can not see it because you don't or can't attack your own members. Not to speak of the players in bronze, silver, gold and platinum rankings that you haven't seen for a long time.

    Secondly, of course Hadrian is powerful because he is legedary. You're saying he's over powerful because you don't have him. Imagine if everyone has Hadrian unlocked, is it still over powerful? It's like a nuclear bomb, if i am the only one that have a nuclear bomb you could say i am over powerful. But if everyone has it, am i over powerful then?

    To put it bluntly, only the willing-to-spend guys and few of super-lucky guys have the nuclear bomb. If u don't spend or have the luck, well, u can wait until get lucky or just settle down.

    Remind me of what Batman say to the Flash when the inexperienced brash nerd asks him "what's YOUR super power?
    "I am rich!"


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    If tanks can’t stop a team with 3 heroes buffing up Hadrian, then look for other ways. Some heroes are stronger when they die. Some heroes make others strong when they die.

    Some heroes become stronger when allies die... Also, what if all 5 of your heroes could unleash their abilities before this Hadrian team can unleash one’t Hadrian’s team be permalocked or ‘permanently’ stunned? 

    I am unable to show you yet as I am still not up there in terms of power, but do re-rune and reorganise your teams to discover the (~ 15 teams) teams that could pose a natural threat to teams that rely on just buffing 1 hero.

    Let’s grow strong together. Leave the godlike powers (the developers and coders) out and please do not always seek their almighty fingers. This is a strategy game of tactics afterall.

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    As i said all can be counter by melita,mayar and a common hero only common hero. Look for that common hero.then ull see the true over power.i think i already use it to u.try to review replays.then try to asked your self whos the overpower

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    In addition to that i only use purple rune not yet gold.

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