It’s not just accumulating experience



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    Nice summary for new player to read.and learn what they need to do on campaign maps.Maybe i can just add that treasure chest can gain and unlock all kinds of hero legendary,rare and common.elite and hell mode have a better chance of unlocking legendary hero and much valuable items like runes relic and astral but still cost you lots of gem from 7k to 11 k for legendary hero so u need to save more maps u can also locate entrance of 3 realms and hero boss

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    And for some particularly difficult campaigns, new players could borrow a guardian from alliance members to help

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    Aragon I

    We should have more such clear-cut guides (and less of the pathetic ones.... ) devs, why don’t you create a new category ‚useful guides‘ where you put in post that are really useful for players... it‘s getting more difficult to find relevant info....

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    Nice fiesty

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