Still the rating at time of reset



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    Please note only the ranking-based rewards are evaluated by daily best rating. Rating-based rewards are still evaluated by last minute ratings. Please refer to 1.7.0 patch notes:

    PvP league and ranking changes

    • PvP leagues are no longer divided by player level, instead, they are divided by player’s PvP performance. The better you are doing, the higher tier league you will be in
    • Higher tier league rewards are guaranteed better than lower tier league rewards
    • Top tier PvP ranking no longer uses last minute rating, instead, it uses daily best rating
    • Two new leagues (Platinum and Diamond) are added after Gold league
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    Admin, could you please help us understand how ranking-based rewards could matter if the system still accord rating-based rewards using an evaluation method that is based on last minute ratings.

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    Fiesty Leprechau

    I think the only way you get daily best to count is if at the reset time your rating is above 1900. Otherwise it's last minute, so even if you get over 1900 during the day, if your opponents drop you before reset time it doesn't count. I could be wrong but the system probably doesn't have the ability to track going from 1900 to 1700 at reward time.

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    Haizzz ok ill explain to you guys. The developer do it what u need to do u perform well in pvp atleast get in to 1900 and above point.for u to gets those reward.but u need to stay in diamond league till 5 am in my time or at the time of reset. If you arr not able to stay atleast 1800 or you drop to platinum league you are not entitled to receive diamond league reward. It was clearly started in pvp arena what are the required point just read it.

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    I like that ranking because give us motivation to attack and stay in the diamond league. ....before reset time. .........If you strong u don't care to the system of reward because u can defeat any one so work hard to be stronger. ...

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