Where's the unlock scrolls



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    We apologize that this wasn't made clear with the update. Only selected heroes can be awakened in 1.7.0. We plan to release the 2nd batch of awakening scrolls in about 2 weeks.

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    Thanks admin for clearing this up. Hope we can awaken legendaries too. Possibly

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    I only managed to get one hero awakened yesternight (yes, I am comparatively slower than many of us in the game) but I was overjoyed.

    It does not matter that that hero is Magnus, who happens not to be in my top2 teams, as the awakening forces me to include him in my other team set-ups. Voila, I have a few possible thematic teams based around him and some other heroes who I would never have realised their potential if not for awakening a hero which I have neglected.

    There are still many possible team combinations for us to enjoy. Do give your other heroes a look and appreciate them for their unrealised talents and potential. They yearn for our recognition to be fielded on the battlefield too!

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