Tactical Formation 3: Lunar Mystic Daily Challenge



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    Fiesty Leprechau

    I notice you have zeph vs a magic ranged. Bad idea, mayar is physical use a physical tank, magic ranged attacker use magic tank. Use three attackers on either the top or bottom

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    Indeed, the battle would be easier to win if we field magical defenders against the magical artillery. Your advice is good for players who have started collecting and levelling more than the first 5 starting heroes.

    This article aims to maximise the combat abilities of the first 5 starting heroes through the ingenious positions of these 5 heroes in order to minimise their limitations while maximise their offence capabilities.

    In the future, for my intermediate level tactical formation articles, I will include up to 22 heroes (those that free-to-play players can reasonably work hard to get).

    Thank you for continuing to read my articles, Fiesty Leprechau!

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    Fiesty Leprechau

    Only using five heroes that you start the game with. It takes 4 days to unlock a new hero from the trials. Similar to pvp rewards you can unlock a new hero pretty fast. For those who join a top alliance we can show you a way to beat the normal campaign with ease to farm hero relics.

    If you want to write long posts about beating daily challenges mention what type of heroes to use, abilities and spells.

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    I like this kind of post

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