Dungeon dweller pop up tips.



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    We appreciate all the feelings and experiences you shared. And we believe anything you shared will make a difference to the game and be helpful to other players, especially the newbies. May we build up a friendly community together!

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    Fiesty Leprechau

    Good advice to keep food redemptions for when u need them.

    Also want to add the runes obtained from hell dungeon dwellers are typically better.

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    Yes. True better than in vanishing and thalos realm. That why when u pop up the dweller on hell mode try to finish it even it will cost you to buy foods from gem

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    Thank you for your comment mis vivian. This games need lot of advertisement. In my previous game ill never do this kind of posting .hope the global release will be so soon.

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    I do this everytime too. Very good advice for newbies.

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