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    No one attacks because there are better people to attack. Everyone just waits until someone with 12k-15k "blue stuff" shows up in their list then attacks them. There are  many problems with the implementation..

    it takes too long attack anyone, for me only attack a high storage that is also easy. Anything else is too much work for nothing. Also the ranking is pointless and offers no rewards so why even rank up? I can stay at 1300 and get easy opponents all week

    Overall it's pretty mediocre but it helps with gold and mana here and there but not really interesting gameplay

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    I wanted to know how to empty the Mana storage and where to find it!

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    Le Ciel

    Just click the fortess in the Seige page, all the astral essence will be collected to Citadel. The astral essence can buy some resources in the Seige shop or promote ur Citadel and fortess.@ Jeannette.

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