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    Fiesty Leprechau

    So are you going to be giving out forum rewards and discord rewards? What about discord voice chat rewards now that will make things interesting, especially if the developers record the chat and post to YouTube as winning chat.

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    Discord is a hotshot app recently, and seems it would keep getting bigger. I've played on it for some days. It's very flexible with all kinds of functionality. I guess devs are just trying to build up a chatting group. It's awesome if there's a reward, but it would be even better if I can make some friends there. So, Fiesty, can I sleep on you couch if I travel to ur country and will u punch me in the face like u do in Wartide? Lol

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    Dev is getting serious about global launch, all kinds of channels lol

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    T he sh y

    Thanks Dev, discord is much more  interesting.

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    Thank you dev u are the best

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    Haven't tried this one. But it's great that we are having this

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    Ya know the past two night I can not get on the game for no more that 90 seconds . It tells me my session has expired and I have to restart the game, how frustrating !!!!!!


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