Still not a popular feature



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    The idea of only being able to use our heroes once in a siege battle is actually incredibly hardcore for endgame play. It is actually very difficult to find it enjoyable because in order to be able to actually completely take down a completely levelled max level 5 Citadel, a player has to actually analyse all 25 heroes in their 5 different formations and decide which 5 heroes to take on which of the enemy's team of 5. 

    How about allowing siege players to revive/ reuse a selected number of heroes upon clearing one fortress?

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    If this feature is removed from the game I hope the players who have spent the gems and gold on maxing the citadel are reimbursed?

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    Fiesty Leprechau

    Just a reminder that this feature is still not used by many players for benefit.

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    Lol. Strongly agree

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