Hero Concepts CONTEST - Round 2(WINNER POSTED)




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    How about this : a versatile 'Godzilla' like creature, able to fill in 2 or 3 roles depending on building and, team set up. The creature could start as a damage dealer and mutate in a Godzilla look-a like one @ 50% health to become a tank (or the other way around). It could be the first of a mutation pack of heroes : a new breed. The wind, ember and chione skills could be dependant , for instance ember and chione is for 1st part, wind is after mutation. The concept could be followed up for new "Mutants of the Apocalypse", and you could make different competions for each new one, adding more creativity. I'd name the first one Koyenisquotsi (after the famous movie) but ofcourse a few letters are different for copyright issues. The heroes should be very strong , to assure people invest in the game, but they also should show great possibility to link up with older, existing heroes (for instance : friendship bonus = 20% enhanced stats of 'name hero', if used together), and not necessarily the ones that are overused. This way, the game gets new financial input, but at the same time "dusts" off some of the forgotten legendaries, making them useful again : the mutation idea is a form of evolution : everything changes, and it has to be for the better and, become unexpected. Another idea could be to go give the next creature a loyal pet : pets are very popular, and as such they could become a vital part of an "Animal Kingdom" set of heroes. Imagine to play vs a team with several pets : for that the heroes shouldn't be overpowered, but very balanced as a group, the power grows if you have more of them. This makes them wanted and assures financial input, but at the same time delivers on fun with new companions. Finally if you are looking for a "one time hero" : consider a minion master Dracula style, complete with bats : a new kind of superhero, that gets released on big occasions (summer, X-mas-special holidays). You could also name that hero after the top player at that time etc. If you feel you will get to much slack for the new champions (to powerful, to expensive) give them an Achilles heel : for instance (weak vs 'name hero', loses 10% of stats etc)

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    Please give us some physical character, magical ones are all over the battlefields

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    I would like to see heroes based on semi-mythical events, for instance the Knights of the Round Table, inspired by Camelot : you could make 2 physical (Lancelot/Arthur style) and 2 magical (Morgana/Merlin). Add competitions for name changes. You could add a nice castle theme (Camelot style) and eventually a 5th hero like Parcival or Arthur's Nemesis, his son, or a Guinevere kinda healer. Lots of good lore to be written there ,-)

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    ^^Can someone translate this please, as in an English forum it is very hard for all others except Chinese to read, and as such we can't enjoy the nice suggestions. The poster has also an English alt so please, let's keep it in English, thanks.

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    Specific: Necromancer type character. Has bonuses against undead heroes, and her activated ability reanimates a dead enemy hero to fight for you.

    A physical healer

    General: heroes with built in bonuses against tribes of heroes (anti-budo or winter, etc)

    Tribe of Stesmpunk heroes. Phaidon is the precursor.

    With each new tribe of Heroes some of them should be rare and some of the legendary so there is a mix

    Add a earth tribe of Heroes, then you can add to new sectors to the solo campaign map 1 for wind to go with the Boreal Awakenings and one for Earth Awakenings and raise the level cap to 60

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    I'd also like a scissor paper stone style intoduced for the elements depending on the nature of the heroes, so that fire beats ice , but ice beats earth etc etc. And, as I said before :  theme based heroes, like Camelot but the nex batch could be Atlantis (based on myths) and then link them to water element etc.

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    I hope the dev could introduce more traditional CHinese heroes, like Mulan.

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    Nether warlock
    His experiments with dark magic has left him trapped between Atlantis and the spectral world.

    This hero cannot move in battle and is fixed at the location he is placed at the start of the right.

    His main ability "desperate chains" latches on to the most buffed hero and heals the most wounded Ally equal to the amount of damage dealt by the enemy hero.

    Secondary ability "seething rage" when the chained enemy uses their active ability nether warlock enrages increasing his basic attack speed by 250% for 12 seconds

    Third ability "Anima" when the first Ally falls, nether warlock reanimates his corpse with 50% less health but it cannot cast or use any abilities or buffs.

    Hero look: spectral hero wrapped in chains

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    Congratulations to Etyopia, infallible, methestel, NoLana and 肖战DAYTOY!

    You guys have won and will share the 10000 Gems reward!


    Thank you all for sharing!

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    It isnt correct:( i wrote an entire post whit all the information of my idea for a hero in heroes section and is pending approval about 1 week(i know there is a chance that my idea for hero sucks but its not fair, i cant join the contest)

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    Hello, Lugas

    For this contest, we hope every participants who have any ideas would post it here .

    Anyway, now we have saw your excellent ideas. As a courtesy, we'll send you a gift via in-game mail later to thank you for your contribution.

    Thanks again!

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    Thanks! I will add the draw in the next 2/3 days

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    I was looking at the Heros in Wartide and thinking about what inspired them.
    We have many that are directly Greek inspired be they centaurs, direct mythos such as atlas. We have one norse and one Egyptian hero and middle eastern. 
    Then we have the themed heros, icefall, raptors, undead ect.

    I want to propose that we expand the norse and egyptian into their own groups.

    Here is a hero for each:


    Egyptian Priest with with linen wrappings in one hand and a staff (either crooked or with a snake motif)
    White robes switches to black after death. 


    Abydos spends all of his life keeping those he cares about alive but for those with knowledge of the true healing arts, death is but a doorway from which none return.  Life and Death, Love and Hate, Protection and Vengeance.  These are all cycles Abydos knows well.

    High Magical defence
    Medium Physical defence
    Med/high Hp
    Medium basic attack damage
    Slow basic attack speed

    Magically Supportive Healer

    1. Main Ability "Life before Death"

    Abydos Heals all allies as a wave of sickly green light bursts from his body and travels outward healing as it goes.

    He takes a medium amount of damage and heals all allies

    Upon death wave is black and heals Abydos and hurts Enemies

    2. Death After Life

    Apon death Abydos turns black and regains x% hp based off of Ability Power

    Changes abilities

    3. Death before Life

    Permanently gains basic attack damage based off of ability power (cleanse proof)  also gains a small amount of life steal

    4. Fear and Wrath

    In life
    Apon ally death Abydos gains a medium amount of ap.

    in death apon ally death and self death Abydos gains stacking attack speed.

    Awakening ice: Undeath. 
    In death Abodos's wave heals undead as well as harming enemies.

    Awakening Fire. 

    Desire for life focuses Abydos's purpose  every other basic attack heals the lowest ally in life and deals extra damage in death.

    Awakening wind


    in death Abydos debuffs and enemy every other attack every 3rd attack (stacking) reducing the higher of its defenses


    Other possible names depending on how much you are avoiding association with gods when in comes to norse gods. (Norse gods are often as much heros as they are gods):


    A little bit of an assassin motif with black armor and knives.  Shaped helm with a norse feel.


    Nokkel came to Atlantis after his tricky ways brought him foul of his family.  He is here till he finds an answer to an impossible problem so he can return to them.  Who knows when he will leave but impossible problems and tricksters go hand in hand.

    Physical Fighter

    High attack speed
    medium attack damage
    medium physical defence
    medium magic defence
    High crit chance


    1.  Trading places

    Nokkel and his target switch models with both going dark purple for a short time
    During this time Nokkel takes reduced damage and reflects that damage to his target.

    2.  Smoke Bomb

    At the end of trading places all allies around the target are stunned for a moderate amount of time.  If possible they are blinded and miss their basic attacks but can use self self and ally abilities.

    3. Always better from the shadows. 

    Any time Nokkel would to flanking or ambush damage it is increased  by % Physical Ability Power.

    4.  Gank

    every 8th attack deals damage as if it were flanking

    Ice Awakening Fight my way out

    Apon reaching 50% hp gain 20% in both magic and Physical defense

    Fire Awakening I mixed a little something in there

    Smoke bomb does a medium amount of damage

    Wind Awakening You thought i was dead.

    Upon reaching 10% hp Nokkel goes purple and all damage received also damages his target for 5 seconds.  If he dies in that time he instead returns to 50% hp

    The goal behind these Heroes is to make ones that are kinda flexible and have additional possibilities.
    Abydos can be built as a tank healer to try to keep his team alive as much as long as possible or he could be built to self destruct and try to take the enemies down as soon as possible.  Opponents would have to try to decide what to do with him sort of like Gheron.

    Nokkel.  Can be a good flanker or reflect damage.  His reflection period is only good when he is being targeted.  Do you build him tanky so he can reflect damage or use his assassin capability and have him blow up the enemy team when focused.
    Neither of this champs want to be fought when you have a few low hp champs left over but are not as big of a threat early in a fight

    Let me know what you think



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