Update 1.11.2 Patch Notes




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    Active ability:
    135k shield to 75k. Reduced almost a half.
    430def reduction to 35% (call it 0.35x550=192) more than a half.

    Could we not, say, try 20% reduction and see how it goes? Must we go straight from OP to useless?

    At the very least his ability should have energy cost reduced. It's not worth casting now, except for 2nd ability.

    Well, at least we get something back for our wasted efforts. Thanks for that :)

    Oh. Wait a minute. No gold? The only one that really matters..
    So what we're actually getting is.. a big fat insult.

    I've literally just been finishing him off, rune-wise... that is spending 1m a day rebinding. I imagine a lot of other players are about the same, given we are doing 4th week of him as daily..

    And we just coming to the end of the 2 week event .. I don't suppose many people have been spending tokens on gold then gold on hector have they?

    My my. That's unfortunate isn't it. Or..

    So, in summary.. you have made a blatantly OP rare hero to be nerfed. Then chosen to nerf him at this point in time.

    Yes i think it's quite clear that, yet again, you are spending your days inventing really quite ingenious ways to steal the time of non-spenders, instead of inventing anything like a decent endgame or non-broken game mechanics.

    I guess you didn't learn anything after all. Shame.

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    Last Event Many of US played For Hector Relics, Great Job you are the best with f**king Game Play.

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    ive tried and tried but now i carnt even beat the first stage of the special event challenge so untill things start being fun and doable there's no point wasting time food.iplease sort things out before we lose intrest altogether

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    "430def reduction to 35% (call it 0.35x550=192) more than a half."

    Is the % calculated on a heroes base defense attribute, like above, or is his total def taken into account, eg with runes and troops etc bonuses, boosts added? let's say you got him to 1200 magic def, the % bonus would be better then the flat bonus before? it's a noob question i know, haven't figured it out yet. I always assumed % bonuses were based on total attribute and not base.


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    Yoborris, u should ask for ur clanmates for tips about formations. The challenges arent too hard.

    Also i dont understand why all the hates comes from.
    Hector would be nerfed was kinda to be expected. He is a 2 star and not a legend. Some OP legend still needs a nerf imho. Then again with the antistun peltrast is "nerfed" hard. 1 2 or 3 stars doesnt matter imho. But when peltrast is only hero left and when ur 3 non legends get killed one after another we needs a nerf. Chione run GOOD JOB!!!! Now hopefully they gonna make something with ember to slow the counterpart of peltrast and rhalgo will be countered to be less strong.

    So devs did good job introducing the chione runes. Also this whole event the devs did a good job imho. I hope they would consider make then 1000 tokens 2000 gems again. It is supposed to be a reward unlocking 100000 tokens as alliance. Serac is actually unlockeable for all f2ps who collected and are willing to spend gems the first 2 weeks.

    This game has a small database. This prolly will not gonna change. Luckily the % of people that spend is amongst highest. I am thankfully for those who spend and make the game possible. The devs in their turn need make a living and they r doing their best as they can. Some changes might not be for everyobody. If u dont like it just move on don' t waste ur time. If u still like it we need support them. Support means feedback with arguments. Arguments that apply to general not only certain individuals. Imho they do take out the best advices as special runes were an idea implemented from leader of an alliance, :)

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    to sum up i am fine f**k you those who don't spend 1000s of dollars/yen/sterling.

    I spent money when i first started, 100s of greenbacks, it helped little, i stopped, i will spend again if some value is implemented. The top tiny % of insane spenders doesn't make a game long term viable, it's actually the f2p players and minimal spenders who make PtW games worthwhile playing for competition, you want us to move on if we are unhappy? then have fun playing with your handful of big spenders and sychophant to them.

    Hector was in hindsight, with the nerf, implemented badly, clumsily and ham fistedly, a very attainable hero for non whales to have fun and develop him, still a VERY long term project, i worked weeks to get him to 3 star and 70+ tokens for next level, he was useful vs some bosses and in some PVP hardly my game breaking cheat, never in my C team even. People spent weeks months spending time on him because he was a good hero worth working on. You dismiss all these legitimate complaints as if it's nothing and worthless. I repeat, yes great thanks to people who spend money, me included btw in this case, i never bash them in any games i play in, but if you treat the majority of players as hangers on that game is doomed, you don't realise this.


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    Dear animali,

    U actually sum very well the one dimensional thinking what majority of the players thinks. These players dont attract new players. Whether f2p or p2w.

    Hector was op from start all agree. Nerf was needed most agree. Maybe some of ur clanmates ticketed for nerf. I bet devs received lots of ticketing.

    Do u realise by summoning hector a 2 star unawakened hector can grant u more dmg than a 60k agholor? U summoned hector. U spend time on it. Bad for u. Do u realize depending when u summoned him u would had 10 tokens more every boss fight. We are talking about 30*10*6 u had 1800 tokens more compared to your ally who had a 60k agholor. And he spend tons of time, gold money etc to get his 60k agholor. Oh wait thats not me but someone else. For most who summoned hector early for elite boss he earned ur effort back long ago. If u summoned two days ago bad luck but then u didnt wasted much anyway.

    But w8 everything what "free" is a given. What cost gems is so much hate. Remind me of a story i am gonna share with u.

    I have this 16 yrs working at the end of night he will throw away halves of avocado. When i point out at him i wanna keep it for tomorrow he laughs. His answer is simply cost few bucks. I ask him next salary can i pay u few bucks less. His answer is "NO"

    This is a wonderfull event and its really generously for the f2p. Do i see any love for the generously event? No, there is only hate when the devs try to rebalance.

    This event and the last patches imho the devs are doing better than the ones before.

    Just my 2 cents and opinion.

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    As long as its not on of the heroes u use right suke ? heaven and earth moved when they hit your fav hero , threatening devs that u and all your alliance and friends wont pay a cent anymore .

    Same as your rage vs flare in discord , its all bad and flare should split and send players to other alliances , yet CA is just the same only one step below ... pot , kettle comes to mind .


    This game has a small database. -> playerbase*

    TLDR : look back at all the things u said and done towards the devs u now lift towards god level .


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    watever i see what's going on

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