Update 1.10.60 Q&A




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     What a piss poor response. All the complaints and negative feedback you must have received, and this is your response? 


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    Hi Mat from 2 months ago. Was just passing by..

    Wait a minute!

    where is the ocean of people replying with "OK" and other pointless garbage until it the comments have reached a second page?

    Is this not OK?

    Or maybe.. they're not real people at all!

    My word what a dirty trick. Not desperate, are we?

    I could have sorted that out for half the price, you know..


    but if you are prerpared for massive negative backlash..

    Enough to engineer fake comments..  

    Then it must be known that everyone will hate the update...

    .. so why not just .. err i dunno .. stop the update and let people continue enjoying the game?


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