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    Buffs and debuffs now apply to target's base stats, instead of current stats in battle.

    Could you please clarify this statement? If I’m reading it correctly it is a nerf to buffs such as atatlanta’s magic defense buff because it will only increase bases stats not including runes, awakening and troops. However it would be a huge buff to Gadrus and Hadrian’s speed buffs since they would get a full reduction from runes, troops and skills instead of a diminishing rate. This would be a game breaking buff to already powerful characters.

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    how do i translate to portuguese

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    is it just me, or heros are getting pumped out faster than u can level them?

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    I don’t mind a ton of hero’s being released because it adds variety and hopefully some much needed complexity. But not to be mean but this last set either had little thought put into and or is a bs cash grab. I love the game and encourage spending on it but this sounds like they are making it much more a pay to win game

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    Fiesty Leprechau

    The way I interpret the buff debuff note is it will not affect position synergy buffs as they don’t generate a little icon over the hero. The buffs which stack over heroes heads will now take a huge nerf. I guess the developers inferred my comments regarding how Hadrian is overpowered because of those stacking buffs.

    First they removed the minions in world boss and now they are changing the damage calculation to reduce affects. It seems odd that it took them so long to come around to what I have been commenting on. I am not blatantly not explaining the problems in damage calculation balance as that would have helped my opponents.

    Also in regards to the new heroes this is another feature to promote spending as players will find out if the speed buff and team synergy will be overpowered or balanced through developers testing. I warn you again top players will push the stats and abilities to the extreme to take advantage. I hope you have done a better job balancing the extreme builds, as someone will do it. Please tell me you guys tested against the top pvp players defenses with these heroes fully maxed and runes to the extreme.

    For the art team guys what the f*** the heroes are rendered pretty poorly in my opinion. What did you get your team cut down or not enough time to do a better job on five heroes which are almost identical.

    To the creative team I mean common dinosaurs, really, in a game with mythical gods your putting in a synergistic dinosaur team. This is a stupid addition on the creative side. Stick with the gods theme, you got over five good ideas from the forum post and you guys slap together five dinosaurs with the same dude on top. I am truly disappointed.

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                I totally agree!


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    The buff/debuff fix is not fully spelled out, but if it’s as Fiesty hypothesizes, I’d be wary of knock on effects in a few ways.  Some marginal heroes with similar stacking buffs/debuffs could drop to non-useful in all circumstances like xing, iola, etc.

    The dinosaurs as commented don’t fit the theme and have some pretty rough graphics from the snaps, but what is more concerning is the addition of at least five new legendaries (I’ll assume dragonslayer and troops are legendary too, but no confirmation there). For those on a F2P or close to it budget, it both waters down the pool of legendaries to get from keys that people want (hadrian, gadrus, etc) percentagewise and adds five new legendaries who may/may not be amazing if you have all five, which again pretty much excludes any non-whales.  A slight suggestion might be in the future to introduce 1-3 legendary, 2 rares and a common (or one rare and one common). Perhaps even add a permanent Siege shop rare if you want to start making siege a target for non150k plus team participation (or any of the other siege suggestions for that matter), or heck a world boss tokened hero for that matter with tiered token rewards.

    New world boss is nice and interested to see these alliance bosses.

    Hope the buff/debuff was tested with top teams, top runes, and more than just the “problem” heroes as I’d really hate to see an even smaller pool of heroes across all game play types. 

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    Aragon I

    For the most part I agree with what Fiesty wrote.

    My intrepretation of this rather unprecise communication is that the new buff/debuff calculation affects all buffs including position buffs... this change should affect the game balance in a very positive way, as far as I can judge it today. I also like that ability power has a greater impact on scaling skills, I just do hope this has been recalibrated sensibly in order to keep the balance...

    With regard to the new Raptor family I don't mind that you start to release new heroes so frequently as long as they are not more powerful than the average already around because otherwise it will just backfire at you... if people start to get the impression that every new hero is more powerful than the one before and that you get a few new ones evry month what do you think will be the reaction? No, it's not inflation where people just buy today rather than tomorrow, it's called deflation and people will just simply stop spending.... And pleeeaaaasee, stop turning this game into a Disneyland-theme park, it started with Imbrus and Pallas, and now the Dinosaur-theme... you can really do better than that (unless you fired and hired the wrong guys)!

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    I thought this was Atlantis themed... now we have a pack of raptors running around turning wartide into jurassic park 3.  Why?  You could've done the same thing with 5 different amazon warriors mounted on various creatures... from leopards to wolves to bears or deer... something that would be pleasant to look at and consistent with your theme.  

    I'm not sure what to make of the change to buffs and the enhancement of ability power.  I'm opposed to change simply because I've committed my builds to the current system.  Changing it screws with the efficacy I thought I had in what's been collected and built thus far.  It is what it is though... hopefully it is for the better.

    I get the feeling that the shark is being jumped... :(


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    I do like the new world boss though.  Seeing more variety there will be great.  Hope to see some more of the same for campaigns.

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    The Dino thingy I agreed to all that’s it does not suit this game in terms of the Altanis world plus the God theme.

    Dev, we do not mind if you postponed the event with a better artworks & redo the hero image.

    My humble suggestion, u may introduce 5 different mounted animals with diff class of heroes on it:
    1. White a Tiger with High Elf riding it
    2. Flame blazing Horse with Undead Warlock
    3. Rhino 🦏 with dwarf or magic hero riding
    4. Pegasus with Archangel
    5. Giant Wolve with Orge riding

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    this is like to see the X-Men in the Avengers movies

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    Lol Shoutout I like the way u put it😂

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    Greek mythology have so many heroes and monsters. Why the need for bunch of lizard riders? And what’s the point of asking user input for new heroes if it’s all ignored so we can get bunch of out of place lizards?

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    But what annoys me the most is the lack of information. Why so vague about new event and new heroes? Many other games give much details when events are announced. They tell us exact start date, exact prizes and exactly what needs to be done. Instead we get this vague announcement that lacks much details.

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    Lol you whiners. Obviously graphics cost a lot of money and they are saving money by repainting the raptors. If you weren't busy exploiting they would have more money for better graphics

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    Oops, i was not whining. Collateral damage.

    Like i said last time, you will see the X-Men fighting amongst the Avengers eventually whether you like or not.

    And if it's good or bad, everyone can have his/her own call.

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    *!!Big pictures of dinosaurs nobody wants!!*

    oh yeh and we are changing fundamental gameplay mechanics. nothing to see here, look at the dinosaurs please. see! new toys!

    Instant reaction

    I agree with Fiesty, on the whole. But my anger needs an outlet.

    Now, I have not noticed any great complaint in the current way the game "works".

    Through careful use of the right units, defenses of great power can be overcome. Anyone have a problem with this??? Anyone at all?? Cos, like, it's a real selling point for me.

    Now we don't know what the scaling changes will bring. Maybe it will end ok. But ability power is going to have more effect is it?

    So err, that sounds like re-runing my heroes to me. Possibly all of them?


    Sttategy nerf?

    But, if we put my completely justified anger and caps usage aside, regardless of the scaling changes... this will nerf support units in general.

    Everyone worries about the damage but Energy units will probably get it worst. If Melchior gets any more useless he could fade from existence entirely. maybe that's what happened to his pupils.

    And so, skill and strategy will decrease in importance and runes will become even more important. Yippee. Yip Yippety Doo Daa.

    This looks like classic modern-day insanity to me.

    Actual reason why this don't work.

    It will actually make more sense to get a low base def hero for your tank, in some situations, as it will render ixion, imbrus, mayar debuffs pointless. And if these abilities are scaled higher to compensate for this change.. then this fact only becomes more prominent.


    Well, people were having too much fun fighting each other when they should be spending all their time farming runes, obviously.


    I've had tier 20 dungeon on auto farm for a good while now. If i log in and cant auto it one day, I will not be held responsible for my actions.

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    i will not be held responsible for my actions.

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    Where are the raptors today?

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    They became endangered species after over three weeks of hunting. 😱

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