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    And a personage of the Brazilian folklore, the function of curupira is to protect the trees, plants and animals of the forests. Its main targets are hunters, woodcutters and people who destroy the forests.
    To scare the hunters and woodcutters, the curupira emits sounds and whistles. Another tactic used is to create illusory and frightening images to ward off "forest enemies." It is not found by the hunters, because the feet turned backwards serve to deceive the persecutors, leaving false footprints and trails through the forest. In addition, its speed is surprising, being almost impossible for a human being to reach him in a race.
    Image: http://ap.imagensbrasil.org/images/2018/01/16/3470327646_ceaae10fb3.jpg
    Idea for a hero:Ataque seu inimigo com uma lança queimando em forma fantasma.

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    Three headed dog hero. Can have speed increase similar to Nestor.

    Potentially a skill that allows attack on three separate enemies. 


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    How about an ability to boost physical defense?

    Now we have Atalanta and Boryxion to boost magical defense only.

    Btw, some players feel Hadrian being over powerful, a physical defense boost will give them one more option against Hadrian

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    Fiesty Leprechau

    Lycaon as a name

    Art concept royal wolf with lightning influence and an expression of being a mean murderous tyrant.

    Idea for Hero melee magic fighter
    Main ability possibly a execution style big melee hit or a Zeus strike with 50 lightening bolts

    The story as taken from mythology

    Lycaon, the Acadian king, who had rendered himself infamous by the gross impiety of himself and his sons, doubted the divinity of Zeus, ridiculed his people for being so easily duped, and, according to his custom of killing all strangers who ventured to trust his hospitality, resolved to murder him. Before executing this wicked design, however, he decided to put Zeus to the test, and having killed a boy for the purpose, placed before him a dish containing human flesh. But Zeus was not to be deceived. He beheld the revolting dish with horror and loathing, and angrily upsetting the table upon which it was placed, turned Lycaon into a wolf, and destroyed all his fifty sons by lightning, except Nyctimus, who was saved by the intervention of Gæa.

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    Fiesty Leprechau

    EOS as a name

    Art concept goddess of dawn rosy fingers, a light pink gown woven with flowers, wearing a tiara and having large white-feathered wings.

    Idea for hero ranged magic attacker
    Main ability Sun and Moon strike all enemies and debuff, buff and heal all allies
    Or crazy new battle ability teleport to the opposite starting position called Misty Veil signaling the arrival of her brother Helios (the sun) with a burst of light she disappears

    Story from mythology

    Eos the goddess of dawn groaned and moaned at the death of her son Memnon, palled herself in clouds and the earth was darkened. The winds gathered on the Plains and floated around the bodies of fallen men. The gods later gathered the bodies on a pile and made a river that, while fertile all year, would once a year turn into blood as a memory to Memnon.

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    T he sh y

    I think we should have a hero looks like cowboy. He can look like Indiana Jones but you should redesign him. He may also need a giant horse. HaHa.

    For the ability, the main ability can a storm of shooting, which can look like a big rain of bullet. 

    The second ability can add his attacking speed for some time at some situation.

    The third ability can be that if he attack one enemy for 3 or 4 times continiously, you can give him a buff, you can steal enemy's speed or life or give enemy a critical damage.

    The fouth ability can be that if he kill one enemy, he can get a buff that he gain extra moving speed and attacking speed for some seconds.

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    Aragon I

    My proposal would be a magic hero called Nemesis, the Goddess of Retribution.

    "Nemesis, winged balancer of life, dark-faced goddess, daughter of Justice" (Mesomedes, greek poet)

    The major theme of her would be retribution, meaning giving justice to those unfairly treated in order to restore balance. As such, she would on the one hand punish reckless enemies and on the other hand help unlucky fellows of her team.

    The 1st skill would be to do significant damage to the enemy who has so far done the highest damage to her team

    The 2nd skill would be passive and would grant critical strike chance to randomly chosen fellows of her team.

    The 3rd skill could be a passive damage reflection shield hitting those who dare to attack her.

    The 4th skill could be triggered upon casting 1st skill with additionally healing the most wounded comrade.

    In order to bring some color to my proposal, I allowed myself to draw a quick sketch of how she could look like (I noticed that you have a tendendy for blondes in this game, so I made her a brunette :-))


    Aragon I.


    Update: Here's a refined drawing of she could look like (@ShoutOut, hope you like it, it's actually more my girlfriend than me... lol)



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    A divine being endowed with great abilities, an angel who was enchanted by the Earth. With his wings he can be faster than anyone, he has his boomerang as a weapon.
    A passive being, when provoked, becomes a relentless warrior. It is not known with certainty the past of Uriel, the angels can not speak what happens in the Kingdom of the Skies.
    Image: http://ap.imagensbrasil.org/images/2018/01/17/anjo.jpg

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    Developara, goddess of ancient atlantean gaming makers.

    her special ability should have something to do with stopping the art of getting players to come up with ideas for you which would cost thousands of gems otherwise, before using those ideas to acquire even more gems from the people that did this work for free in the first place... protecting the jobs of developers and producing a stable, happy, long-lived community.

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    @Aragon I 

    Wow, is that your self-portrait? It's so beautiful

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    Crass, the Puppet Master.
    ”I will be the one who show you the ultimate puppet.”

    Spending hours in his cellar preparing his puppets, Crass, toils hard to create the legendary puppet as told to him by his village and passed down for ages.

    1st ability: Throws a puppet decoy of himself three spaces ahead of him. This puppet will proceed to attack the nearest enemy nearest to him. Puppet has 1/5 of his stats.

    2nd ability: Whenever a puppet makes 3 attacks, all puppets gain X critical damage.

    3rd ability: Whenever a puppet is destroyed, all puppets gain X health shield.

    4th ability: Whenever an additional puppet is added to the battlefield, all puppets gain X attack speed.

    Frost awakened ability: Using 1st ability will freeze all puppets in their places and all puppets gain X physical and Y magical defence for Z seconds.

    Ember awakened ability: Using 1st ability will cause all puppets’ basic attacks to do X damage over time and gives Y lifesteal to Crass.

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    Zzaarrk, the Void Guardian
    ”Space and time is actually one.”

    Zzaarrk is a living irony and joke. He has finally understood the true principles behind time and space, and yet he could not escape the confines of time and space in the world of Wartide.

    1st ability: Switches position with the next target that he hits.

    2nd ability: Whenever he receives X damage, switches position with the ally with the highest health. This ability can only happen once every Y seconds.

    3rd ability: Whenever he deals X critical damage on a target, switches target with the lowest enemy on the battlefield. This ability can only happen once every Y seconds.

    4th ability: Gains X basic attack speed for every use of 1st ability.

    Frost awakened ability: Reduces the time his 3rd ability can be activated again by X seconds.

    Ember awakened ability: Reduces the time his 4th ability can be activated again by X seconds.

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    Rhogo, the Sachakan Magician
    “You have great potential, my friend. Share it with me.”
    “You don’t have a choice in this matter...the situation is dire!”

    The Sachakan Magician is a double-edged sword in any team of adventurers. One cannot tell when this magician will tap on one’s strength and willpower in order to survive an adversarial encounter. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    1st ability: Steals X magical ability power from the nearest target ally for the rest of the battle. Target ally loses X magical ability power for the rest of the battle.

    2nd ability: All target allies that have life link with Rhogo will lose X health to Rhogo every Y seconds for the rest of the battle.

    3rd ability: Rhogo gains X magical ability power for each ally that falls on the battlefield.

    4th ability: When an ally falls in battle, using the 1st ability will create a life link with the target ally.

    Frost awakened ability: 1st ability also steals magical defence from target ally for X seconds.

    Ember awakened ability: 1st ability also establishes life link with target ally.

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    Lliana, the Crystal Maiden
    “Crystals here, crystals there. Crystals, crystals everywhere!”

    Lliana is a marvel prodigy who seems to have a natural affinity with crystals. Her ability to conjure crystals on the battlefield in her favour has enabled her to survive in this perilous land despite her lack of strength and intelligence.

    1st ability: Conjures a crystal 2 spaces in front of Lliana.

    2nd ability: If there is at least one crystal on the battlefield, Lliana gains X energy generation and Y cooldown reduction.

    3rd ability: When a crystal is destroyed, heals surrounding allies for X health.

    4th ability: When a crystal is destroyed, reduce X basic attack speed of all surrounding enemies.

    Frost awakened ability: All crystals gain X health, Y physical defence and Z magical defence.

    Ember awakened ability: All crystals deal X magical damage over Y time to all nearby enemy heroes.

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    I think the game would need one more magical fighter, strong as Nestor. Magnus isn’t so strong, Ixion and Sekhmeta seem more defenders than fighters, Nouri is weak and useless and I don’t like monsters like Boryxion. 

    I like my name avatar, Antheus, so i would like it as a name of this new hero.

    i would like him use two magical swords (like nestor) and have blue as a main color.

    As a story, he should have passed his life since he was a baby learning magic in a remote sanctuary and came back to atlantis to help the realm in the war.

    should be extremely agile and gently, just to become a tornado, and so use his swords very very fastly when he uses his first ability. The damage he gives to opponents should transform into magical power to his allies, something like a life steal.

    i also think the game would need one more physical artillery. They are a few comparing to magical artillery. He or she should control natural elements and with his first ability call lighting bolts from the sky and deal physical damage to all enemies.

    what do you think?

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    Aragon I

    My second proposal would be a magic hero called Netemu, Master of fragances and odors, a descendant from the Egyptian god Nefer-temu,

    "Rise like Nefertem from the water lily to the nostrils of Ra!"

    (Book of the Dead)

    The major theme of him would be to create and master fragrances to hurt enemies and support allies by throwing water lilies at them.

    The 1st skill would be to (randomly?) throw water lilies at enemies and allies, the odors of which slow down the attack speed of the hit enemy or increase attack speed of the hit ally.

    The 2nd skill would be passive and would decrease attack damage of the enemies in front following every 4 basic attacks.

    The 3rd skill would be passive and following every 3 attacks it would energize all his allies by granting them reduced cool-down power.

    The 4th skill could be triggered upon casting 1st skill with additionally healing all allies.

    Here's a little watercolor-painting of how he could look like:

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    Bellator the Undying - Magical Defender

    Introduction -

    • Bellator, latin for warrior, is a legendary Minotaur and champion of his tribe.  Being half bull… which he claims is his better half... he clearly has some anger issues as he starts seeing red when mere mortals dare to attack.  The more damage he takes the more bull headed he gets and consequently the more powerful he can become.  

    Skills -

    • Charge - Bellator lunges at his foe with a head first attack which both stuns the target and moves the target back several spaces.  If there are any heroes behind the target Bellator flings his target behind the backline hero and switches targets to the now exposed backline hero.  (perhaps too OP.  Simply stunning both targets would suffice prolly.)
    • Berserk - Bellator's battle fervor rises as damage accumulates.  Passive ability that allows Bellator to gain Magical defense and attack speed as he receives damage.  Magical defense increases by 500 every 8% of damage that he receives and lasts for 8 seconds.  
    • Stomp  - Bellator slams the ground with all his might in anger.  Every fourth attack allows Bellator to land an area effect stun around him with damage. Stun lasts 1.5 seconds and does 4000 damage.
    • Last stand - Cornered bulls are often at their most dangerous.  Bellator gains physical and magical immunity for 5 seconds the first time he reaches 10% of his remaining hp.  Upon death he emits an earth shattering roar that stuns all enemies for 4 seconds.
    • Chione’s Mark - Chilling glare - Bellator’s fearsome glare reduces attack speed of all targets that dare to attack him by 15%.
    • Ember’s Mark - Warcry - Bellator starts the battle with a bang by rushing headlong into the enemies giving his allies a morale boost with a fearsome warcry.  Allies and Bellator receive a 20% magical defense and 20% physical defense boost for 12 seconds.

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    Revenant the Vengeful Spirit- Magical Artillery

    Introduction -

    • Revenant is a magical spirit of warfare and vengeance.  She becomes hyper focused on a single enemy at a time and will increase ferocity with each attack until her enemy is slain.  The intent here is for her to be somewhat of a magical version of Hadrian for World Bosses and Campaigns.  Her attack speed should be inherently slow... but with each successive attack on a target her attacks become more effective and faster.  

    Skills -

    • Surge - Revenant locates her target and surges towards them with killing intent.  She will gain 50% magical penetration and 50% base attack power for 8 seconds.  This nuke will also hit her target for damage that is a multiplier of her attack speed.  The faster her frenzy stacks the more damage she will do with her active.
    • Frenzy - Revenant's battle madness increases with each attack and frustration at seeing her enemy survive.  She will gain 5% attack speed per attack until her target dies or she does.  Once her target perishes her attack speed buff goes back to 0. 
    • Haunting - Revenant calls upon the underworld to attack her enemies.  Every third attack reduces her targets energy regeneration and attack speed by 50% for 8 seconds.
    • Scream of Pain - Revenant unleashes a scream when faced with her enemies.  Every attack on her enemies increases Revenant's critical damage bonus by 3%.  This resets to 0 when her target dies or when she is banished back to the underworld.
    • Chione’s Mark - Aura of Vengeance - Revenant encourages her allies to defeat her adversary.  Allies that attack the same target as Revenant receive a bonus to attack speed and base damage of 15%.
    • Ember’s Mark - Curse of Vengeance - A curse is applied to anyone that harms the spirit of vengeance.  Every time an opponent damages Revenant,their energy generation is reduced by 75% for 5 seconds. 


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    Aragon I

    So here’s my third proposal for a new hero: Glámr, The Nordic Draugr. Although he’s not from this world anymore he simply refuses to go where he belongs. But unlike Sarpedon, he is fully aware of himself and of his nature, a pure egoistic soul. That’s why the only reason he joins a battle is to grab as much energy and health as possible. He doesn’t care about magic or physics, he just sucks life (health) out of his opponent and steals energy from whoever is close to him. These two things keep him here and that’s all he cares about.

    1st skill: His 1st skill directly damages the health of the enemy regardless of magic or physical defense. It is directly scaled to the energy the team has available.

    2nd skill: Every 3rd basic attack steals energy from all surrounding enemies (not reducing energy generation, just stealing available energy, I would also design him such that he himself has close to zero energy generation rate).

    3rd skill: For every damage his does he gets life back (%Lifesteal of damage dealt)

    4th skill: When reaching a % of health he increases life- and energy stealing

    This could be a new class of heroes, let’s call them ‘Ghosts’, they are neither physical nor magical, they only care about health and energy. Just a thought.

    And here maybe an interesting thought for changing a fundamental mechanics in this game: Energy. So far, energy is used ‘only’ for casting active skills. What about connecting the energy level with the bonus stats in general, meaning that you get the bonus of your stats proportional to the energy level of your hero… effective bonus=calculated bonus from runes and buffs*actual energy level/maximum possible energy level. You could add a minimum, for example 25%. The advantage of such a mechanism is that it pushes the energy stat to a more prominent role in the battle system, residing equally among the other stats like health and attack damage. Also, the energy factor would become much more prominent in the rune building.

    Here's again a little painting of how Glámr could look like:

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    Thrilia, the Exalted Channeler
    “Shhhh! Leave me alone.”
    “Listen! They are coming. The sounds they make are heavenly!”

    Thrilia does not like to work with others. She sees no need for anyone as she can channel her energies to open gateways to the Otherworld that calls forth armies to fight for her.

    1st ability: Channeling State
    Enters a trance-like state called channeling. Thrilia’s energy regeneration rate is 0 while she is in this state. Channeling is cancelled once Thrilia receive 1 health damage.

    2nd ability: Silence is Golden
    Thrilia gains an X health shield as long as there are no allies or enemies within 2 squares of her.

    3rd ability: Otherworld Gate
    If Thrilia manages to be in a channeling state for X seconds, an Otherworld Gate spawns Y number of summons that enter the battlefield either from the top, left, bottom or right. Summons attack both allies and enemies nearest to them but they will not attack Thrilia.

    4th ability: Music to my Ears
    Every summon that stays on the battlefield reduces Thrilia’s 3rd ability’s spawn time by X second.

    Frost awakened ability: Icy Dome
    Whenever Thrilia’s 2nd ability is activated, she gains an additional layer of Y health shield.

    Ember awakened ability: Enraged Summons
    All summons gain X attack speed and Y movement speed when they are summoned. They also lose Z health every second while on the battlefield.

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    Blobarg, the Whale Empath
    “I feel you. I fully understand you. Yes, you are right.”

    Blobarg is a huge flying blue whale who has gained transience way before the time of Megara and her brethren. She is revered by all sentient creatures that reside in the sea, land and air.

    1st ability: Mirroring
    When this ability is activated, any enemy hitting Blobarg for X times will enter guilt state: they stop attacking and moving for Y seconds out of guilt. This guilt state is cancelled as soon as the enemies receive 1 health damage from any source (except Blobarg).

    2nd ability: Heightened Empathy
    Increases the health enemies need to receive to cancel their guilt state.

    3rd ability: Atone Thy Sins
    Enemies under guilt state will not attack Blobarg when Blobarg attacks them. When they have X% health left, they will be immune to Blobarg’s 1st ability for the rest of the battle.

    4th ability: Please Complete your Therapy
    Reduce the X% health enemies need to have left in order to be immune to Blobarg’s 1st ability for the rest of the battle.

    Frost awakened ability: I am Harmless
    Blobarg’s attack on an enemy under guilt state heals them for X health every Y seconds.

    Ember awakened ability: We are Friends
    Blobarg’s enemies under guilt state will start attacking Blobarg’s enemies. Enemies immediately gain immunity to Blobarg’s 1st ability for the rest of the battle once they lose their guilt state.

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    She is tomboyish, headstrong, feisty, independent, disdains traditional female pursuits, and is often mistaken for a boy. She wields a smallsword named Needle, a gift from her half-brother, Jon Snow, and is trained in the Braavosi style of sword fighting by Syrio Forel.  The sword is well suited to Arya's slender build and her favored "Water Dance" (fencing) style which emphasizes speed and agility with a thin, light rapier used in quick thrusting attacks

    Now the chosen one of the many faced god, she is deadly assassin and can easily take the face of an ally... 

    For skills, allies mistake her for a friend and dont attack for few seconds :) She should be deadly fast and fierce...make her the best melee dps in game :) 

    She should be deadly melee fighter. Her awakening skills can be 1) Enemies stops all attacks on her for few seconds 2) Her attack speed is 2x for few seconds or she doubles attack damage for few seconds ;) 

    Her mount can be a direwolf ... 

    You do have "Fire and ice" as awakening skills.. surely u need a hero from the "Fire and ice" series :)... 

    Valar Morghulis!!! 

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    Daenerys Targaryen - "I spent my life in foreign lands. So many men have tried to kill me, I don't remember all their names. I have been sold like a broodmare. I've been chained and betrayed, raped and defiled. Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile? Faith. Not in any gods. Not in myths and legends. In myself. In Daenerys Targaryen. The world hadn't seen a dragon in centuries until my children were born. The Dothraki hadn't crossed the sea. Any sea. They did for me. I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms, and I will." 

    The queen that cannot be burnt and has dragons (as her mount?) :)

    This can also help u release a new troop type ... the unsullied

    Skills :) 

    Similar to dragons, ranged attacker -causes fire damage :) (no known defense as current defense is vs magic or physical) ;) 

    Currently while troops dont do much damage, seeing a dragon fly should scare troops, so it should be enemy troop buff reduced by x% :) havent seen u introduce this concept yet ;) This could also be an awakening skill :) 

    Awakening skill -Ice) Her basic attack damage increases x%.            

    Fire)mune to fire damage :) 

    Valar Morghulis!! :) 

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    I love all of your ideas!

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    Zaarrrkk is like Dr Strange, nice!

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    Crystal Maiden looks interesting

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    Netemu I like the artwork Aragon

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    Nice 1 Valar!

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    I’m from the old school so I hope Dev can come out heroes like:
    1. Paladin (Magic Defender with both a Holy Book & Sword in each arm)
    2. Phoebe is a sorcerer, would like a man version Warlock
    3. High Elf with Crescent Moon Weapon on both arms riding on a White Tiger - Assasin type or Flanker
    4. Witch Doctor - Mystic Energy to summon insects/crows to fight, totem to heal or increase ability, shoot toxics
    5. Archangel - Angel with wings that cast cast holy divine shield, resurrect dead with maybe 5% hp with 100k health shield for 10sec only cast once per battle(awaken ice skill)

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    Congrats Aragon ILittlestrike and FutureInterest. You guys have won and will share the 10,000 Gems reward! 

    Plus, every participant will get a 500 Gems prize! 

    Thank you all for your ideas and congratulations again!

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