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    Vocês poderia dar mais pedra Rosa😉✌🏻. Obrigado

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    This new war system looks great.lots of things need to prepare for this upcoming war.thank  u dev.

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    Dear Developers, I am happy to know that improvements will be made to the current alliance war system.

    Please consider to reduce the cool down time between wars to a shorter duration. We are already forced to wait during war (from 30mins preparation to waiting for the war points to reach 200k points). We shouldn’t turn alliance war into a waiting game in my opinion.

    I used to play other games whereby each alliance war lasts 12 hours and there wasn’t any cool down between wars, so my alliance started war back to back and we had 13 alliance wars per week.


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    Good to see developers working to improve war system. I like some of the changes especially the notifications and screens to see points/positions. But you have failed to address some really important basics. 

    1. Transparency on points - How are points allocated after win/loss. Same for alliance rankings prior to war. You need to provide clear transparency on this. 

    2. Opponent selection: How can a rank 2 team get a v low rank team as opponent. I suggest that top 6-10 alliances be only matched with each other. Honestly we are warring a team in top 10 and even that was easy so need to really get this right!!

    3. Victory condition - Longer war does not mean fun war. Especially if its a walkover. a) If an alliance captures all nodes on a map - it should be automatic victory with special additional rewards. If the enemy selection is made fair (see 2 above), this will require lot of strategy and coordination and that should come with rewards proportionate to what it would take to pull that off.  

    4. Food/Tokens - I hope you realize that you realize that you have introduced war with no changes to food generation/max food. Should use tokens only. All post global launch players already struggle with food/day. I will address this issue as well in another post under features.

    5. Rewards: The rewards are abysmal (50-60k gold and 20-30 gems) to win. Pathetic for effort especially if you actually make it a longer war. I hope you realize that once again you have introduced a feature that will continue to reward beta players (basically the strongest) with best rewards and more rewards. Hence think creatively to how to balance this in terms of rewards. Personally a player with 100k power that is new and participates is doing more than a beta player that has played for 6-9 months and actually has a lot less need for food to farm. 

    Honestly, i think this is warring 101. Please acknowledge/reply and let us know if you are even going to accept and change any thing as a result of this post. 

    Valar Morghulis!! 

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    Good games

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    Okay, so here is the huge issue with alliance’s and the warring system.

    1) top alliances will never face each other if there always warring at different times

    2) the point spread is way off, the best alliance won’t get the rank they deserve even with constantly warring and always winning.


    1) have a set in game time where wars will start automatically and use in game time to make sure everyone understands for example have a displayed clock in alliance that shows war will be starting at 0800 GMT and 2000 GMT and show a countdown

    2) if you make each max a set +/- total for instance 20 points per win/loss and have a filter to where if a alliance is 100 or 50 points higher they cannot face each other(makes fights more fair and players interested in playing)

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